Apple released a new app, called Final Cut Pro X. It’s pretty stunning but not necessarily in a good way.

I’ve used it for only a few days but have completed a project inside it already. It’s very different and there is a learning curve but for this particular project, it worked brilliantly. It was a short (75 second) corporate product promo video for a vending machine. I needed to cut clips together, add some titles, voiceover and background music. Throw in a bit of colour correction and simple motion graphics (logo) and I just created the full video in one app in just a few hours. I’m happy, my client is happy.

Once I get clearance for this video I’ll add a link here.

It has some problems and missing features. My list of missing features is probably very different to another editors but I won’t go into that, you all know what it’s missing.

My point is this, most camera operators choose the right camera for the job. You don’t use a GoPro to shoot a feature film, nor a red for a budget corporate promo. You don’t use a dslr to film a conference but it’s wonderful at many other tasks.

The same should be true for editing suite. You choose the right one for you and your sector. Film editors are not going to use FCPX, anyone who deals with multiple angles won’t use FCPX (until they add multicam). However I work in the corporate sector, filming on DSLR, mostly interviews and product promo pieces. For me FCPX does nearly everything I want and it’s in one app.

It would be wonderful if there was an all encompassing mega app that suits everybody, but there isn’t, not from anyone. FCP7 is slow, Premiere has only minimal colour correction, no alpha transitions.

What I will say is that I still plan to keep and use Premiere, it’s a very impressive system but there are some things that I think FCPX does better (yes, I really said that). However for what I do, I doubt I’ll continue to use FCP7 on a regular basis.

FCPX is in it’s early days but right now it’s good for certain sectors but it’s rubbish for others. That does NOT make it a non-pro app, in the same way that a Red is still pro but not for live tv broadcast.