About Me

DSR450 Sunset

I started freelancing in 2004, since then I’ve worked in TV, Theatre, Live/Music Events and Corporate Events. I started out as a lighting technician but quickly started working as an AV Technician and PowerPoint designer.
I then transitioned into camerawork and video editing. In that role I’ve worked in TV, Film, Documentary, Weddings but above all – Corporate.
It’s a job that has taken me to many countries and I’ve experienced some pretty amazing things. I don’t intend to stop, I love my job.

Drew in AmsterdamEquipment

I’ve steadily grown my equipment into now a very good production kit. Based around my Sony FS700 and Odyssey 7Q recorder, a couple of lens adapters and a nice range of lenses.

Probably a wider range of lighting and sound equipment than most other camera operators I know! There is a full list here